Bespoke Wedding Planning & Design

There is something magical about walking into a wedding that is well executed and designed…All the details go hand in hand to reflect the couple, their vision and style.


Everyone is enjoying themselves and worrying over nothing…

It is simply perfection.


We believe in creating experiences, taking notice of the tiny details and how everything works together to evoke an emotion. No cookie-cutter weddings here, everything is tailored to represent you as a couple. Bespoke means just that, custom-made for each client.

Since this service is so customized and hands on, we only take a select few clients per year. This allows us to provide you with excellent service, to be available to you through the whole planning process.The Bespoke Wedding Planning & Design Service is a complete full service planning & design package. We’ll work with you on every aspect of your wedding, from defining your vision, logistical planning, floral design, linen choice, favor creation and selection, paper product design, the list goes on and on. With you through the whole process, our team is creating a day that is 100% reflective of your love.

Your Team

The Bespoke Wedding Planning & Design Service is a collaboration of three accomplished wedding business owners. We met through the Skagit Wedding Society in 2013 and quickly bonded over a shared passion for weddings and creating beautiful moments. Friendships were quickly made and even our children enjoy being together.

Taryn Holmstrom

Owner of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals

As a linen and design consultant, I bring texture and color to your wedding through the use of fabrics. Nothing transforms a room faster than a well-placed linen. I love finding new textures and patterns, keeping watch of the styles and trends. Each couple is unique and I strive to make each wedding unique as well.

Kelli Walker

Owner of Country Bouquets Floral

An avid gardener and flower lover, I enjoy creating floral designs that evoke emotions. By using seasonal, locally grown flowers, my florals are considered romantic and natural. I will help you define your style and create a cohesive design plan for your wedding that includes well-placed floral designs and use of color.

Amber Peterson

Owner of Cheers Wedding & Event Planning

As a wedding planner and designer I work on the logistics to create a seamless event and the aesthetics that bring your wedding to life. I love creating the perfect touches that elevate a wedding from the expected to something more. I want you and your guests to walk away feeling as though they have just experienced something exceptional.