Wedding Tip: Ask About Your Rental Period

Wedding Tip: Ask About Your Rental Period

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Today we wanted to talk to you about the rental period. As you are planning your wedding, make sure to think of the timeline during the week leading up to your event. Oftentimes the day before a wedding is very full with last minute and time sensitive errands. Our goal here at SVWR is to provide as much flexibility and value to our clients. We encourage our clients to pick up their rentals the Wednesday or Thursday prior to their event. We ask that rentals be returned by close of day the Monday following your event. This is just one small way we can help make your wedding a little less stressful and cut out one of those last minute errands. Your wedding only happens once and our goal is to make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Of course we do offer the option for a delivery and setup of your rentals if needed.

Feel free to contact us for a 1 hour design consultation to see how best we can support you as your plan your special day.

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Happy Wedding Planning!