Wedding Tip Wednesday

Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite parts of design, your wedding colors. What you choose for your colors, will set the tone and design for your entire event. It is really important that you give it enough thought. Our recommendation is to pick out your two pops of color first. This can be colors that you really love, relate to your past somehow (i.e. Cougar Red or Husky Purple) or just a pinterest design you fell in love with. Once your two pops of color are chosen, then it is time to find the base color that will best support your design. As always, you can choose from white or ivory as your base linen. We often encourage our clients to think a little outside of the box and try using grey, charcoal, or khaki as their base. These neutral linens allow your design to start one step further and add interest and sophistication to your entire event.

Feel free to reach out for your complimentary one hour design consultation. We would love to help you with your design and find the tablescape that best reflects your vision.

Happy Wedding Planning!