Personalizing Table Numbers to Reflect the Couple

Numbering Your Tables in a Unique Way

“It’s all about the details.” That is what everyone tells you when you are planning a wedding. To truly have your wedding day represent you as a couple, you need to think about little ways to throw in touches that reflect you and your fiance. Table numbers are one way to do just that. We have all seen the printable table numbers that you can download or create yourself.

Free Downloadable Table Numbers

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Now, don’t get me wrong. These table numbers, although basic, can definitely be used in creative ways (especially when they are free like the ones above), but why not think a little outside the box. Placing table numbers in a frame that coordinates with your color theme is a little overdone these days. What I am talking about is, truly unique and creative ways to number tables and reflect you as a couple.

Idea #1

Table Numbers Photos

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This couple had a great idea. For each table number, they founds photos of themselves at that age. I love this idea for a few reasons. First, what a great conversation piece for the guests as each table. We are have all been there. Sitting a table with people you have never met, trying to force small talk. These photos could be a jumping off point for lively conversation around the table. Secondly, think of what great keepsakes these could be for you, years down the road.  Love it.

Idea #2

Facts about the Couple on Table NumbersPhoto from Renegade Chicks

Now here is another idea that I love. Use each table number at the answer to a fact about you and your fiance. The possibilities are endless here. It could be answers to questions about the future such as, how many children you both would like.  Or it could be about your past like the photo above. One thing to think about is that the numbers don’t necessarily have to go in order. For example, if you meet on the 28th of June but don’t have 28 tables, no worries. Just make sure your DJ or MC  has a list to release tables to the buffet.

Idea #3

Guest Give Advice to New CouplePhoto from Pinterest

Instead of you personalizing the table number why not ask the guests to personalize it for you. I have seen many different ideas to celebrate anniversaries (Sealing letters and wine in a box to open up in the future), but this is a really sweet one. At our wedding, we did ask couples to write advice to us for a happy marriage but I really love how this would be something new to read each anniversary.

Idea #4

Couples Fav Songs Instead of NumbersPhoto From Pinterest

Finally, one interested way to number your tables is to forego the number altogether. A few years ago we went to a wedding where instead of numbers, they had titles to songs. As each song played, one table was released from their table to the buffet. It was a lot of fun as a guest, waiting to see if the next song was yours and trying to guess the song name.

What do you think of these alternatives to traditional numbers? Any other ideas? We would love to hear them!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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