No to Chair Covers, but Yes to Chair Sashes?

Adding color using chair sashes without breaking the bank

Rental White ChairPhoto from Pacific Party Canopies

Often I run into couples who state that their venue has the nicer white folding chairs or they have rented them from a local rental company like Pacific Party Canopies. Many venues in our area have these white chairs including:

Big Lake Lodge – Mount Vernon, Wa

Maplehurst Farms – Mount Vernon, Wa

Greenfield Farm and Gardens – Anacortes, Wa

Beau Lodge– Bow, Wa

Stepping Stones Gardens – Burlington, Wa

Now, while these chairs are beautiful on their own and are much better than the metal folding chairs, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with just the plain old chairs. Sure, they don’t need chair covers (why cover something that looks lovely?) but you can make them so much more by adding a sash to them. Just a quick search in Pinterest (what did we ever do before?) and look at what I found.

Hot Pink Sashes 2Photo from Jet Fete

I love how the chair sashes are vertical, rather than horizontal. This is one advantage to cover-less chairs.

Green Sash on White Chair

Photo from Pinterest

I love this simple tie for the sash. Many times when you are asking people to help set up your event, often they don’t take the time to make each bow perfect. This type of tie is pretty much fool proof.

Red Sashes on White ChairPhoto from Disney Weddings

Again another simple tie.

Every other chair

Photo from All Star Rentals

Every other chair, cuts your cost in half.

I love how a small addition with a relatively small cost associated with it can add so much. I particularly like the last photo where every other chair has a sash. You don’t have to sacrifice the wedding of your dreams to stay on budget.

What do you think of this trend of chairs with sashes, but no covers?

Happy Wedding Planning!

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