Skagit Wedding Tour – June 8th, 2014

Ten Beautiful Skagit Venues Set Up for Your Experiencing Pleasure


The Skagit Wedding Tour


Front Card - Skagit Wedding TourIf you are currently planning a wedding, you have probably viewed a few venues, right? I wonder how many of you have the same experience that I did. I walked into a completely empty, large room. I remember it being really tough to imagine what it would look like set up for a wedding. I don’t know about you, but I am a really visual person. I had to go back to my venue multiple times to do mock set ups to ensure that I achieved the look I wanted.

This is the whole idea behind the Skagit Wedding Tour. Rather than setting up an appointment with individual venues and then walking into large empty rooms, the wedding tour has been set up for you to do a one stop shop so to speak. Ten local venues will be set up as if wedding receptions are in progress. You will walk into a venue and see/experience what it would feel like to have your event there. Other wedding professionals, such as caterers, wedding planners, officiants, rentals, and florists will all be there as well, showcasing their talents.

Here are the amazing venues that are part of this tour:

Eaglemont Golf Course and Country Club

Back Card - Skagit Wedding TourStepping Stones Garden

Greenfield Farm & Gardens

Maple Hall

Beau Lodge

Ship Harbor Inn

The Little Church of Anacortes

The Armstrong House

Big Lake Lodge

Gretchen’s Kitchen

¬†As a member of the Skagit Wedding Society, I have the opportunity to be part of this amazing tour coming June 8th. Admission to the tour is $10 per couple/party. You can come with just your and your fiance or your entire entourage. Either way the price is the same. Want to go for free? Comment below and we will send you complementary tickets. That’s right, FREE TICKETS!

Hope to see you all there and happy wedding planning!



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