Introducing Your Wedding Professionals To Create An Event That Wins


Think about your favorite team sport. Is it football? Soccer? Baseball? Whatever the sport you are thinking of, all the players work together for the end goal of winning the game. You wouldn’t send each player in blind, having not communicated with everyone involved as to what the plays are, when they will be executed, etc.


Your wedding is very similar. It takes an entire team of players to design and create a wedding that is seamless and executed correctly. One of the ways you can help this process is to let all the wedding professionals (i.e. your players) know who else in contributing to your wedding (i.e. playing the game). It may not seem like it would matter if your rental company knew who your florist, caterer, or wedding planner was, but on our end it really does make a difference. As designers, we would like connect with your florist and confirm the centerpieces, to ensure you have a cohesive design. Oftentimes, if we know who the caterer is, then we can reach out and see how we can best support them. That could mean to simply confirm that they are providing all the necessary pieces or determine the best time for us to delivery your decor. By knowing your wedding planner, we can confirm with them all the last minute details.


By connecting your professionals together, you then cut yourself out of being the middleman, emailing one professional to ask a question, then writing to another to confirm the answer. As your wedding date gets closer, we want you to be more concerned about what color your nails are going to be rather than if all your people are on the same page. If you have hired a wedding planner, just confirm with them that they will be connecting everyone together. If you do not have a wedding planner,  start a master email that introduces everyone. Don’t forget, as you hire new people, to include them in the master email.


Make sure all the players know who is on the team, so they can organize and produce the win for you!

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