Hiring a Wedding Planner

You NEED a Wedding Planner

One of the things I say all the time is, “You need to get a wedding planner.” And not you need, but you NEED to get a wedding planner. They are worth their weight in gold! Truely!

My Wedding

Flashback to my wedding day 8 years ago! I am sitting next to my husband for our first meal together and I look out at my friends and family enjoying our reception. And what do I notice? Not one but two sets of our family friends, in their Sunday best, bussing tables. I love that we have people in our lives who see what needs to be done and are ready to pitch in and help, but what I wish more is that I had known to anticipate that we needed people to buss the tables.

Enjoy your Wedding

You only plan a wedding once. So much time, money, and energy goes into making it the day you have always imagined. When the day finally gets there you want to sit back and enjoy it all. Not be thinking, did the cake show up? Did Aunt Mary set the tables the way I asked, or did she do her own thing?  This is where a wedding planner comes in. They work for you, supporting your vision and making your wedding dreams become a reality. This is not their first wedding. They have planned many, many, weddings and with that comes insight and knowledge to anticipate hang ups and to plan for that.

In good hands

A wedding planner will set up all of your decor based on the design you choose. They will confirm with your wedding professionals on what time they will be arriving on your wedding day. A Wedding Planner will even plan for the little things you don’t even think about, like adjusting all the wicks of your candles on your guest tables so they are standing up and are easier to get lit.

Need a Recommendation?

We work with many trusted wedding planners at all different budget levels. If you are on the fence and are unsure if you really need a wedding planner, we would love to hop on the phone and chat with you about if a wedding planner would be a great fit. Contact us today and let us know how best we can support you! And as always, Happy Wedding Planning!


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