Evaluating the Extras Provided By Your Venue

Why the extras should be considered

There are many things to take into account when you are deciding a what venue is best for you. Of course you want to ensure that the venue can hold the number of guests you are wanting to invite. It also should set the tone for your design and decor. One thing that is often looked over is the extras they provide. Today we want to share with you a few tips when determining if a venues extras will translate into less stress and more room in your budget.

Tables and Chairs:

Most venues in our area do offer tables and chairs as part of their venue. But double check. There are a few that do not. If this is something that you overlook, then it can translate into a very large, unexpected investment. Bonus, if they have double the number of chairs you need. This would allow both the ceremony and reception to be set up and eliminate the need to move chairs.


If a venue has onsite dinner plates, flatware, and/or water goblets, you should seriously consider the benefit this provides. Linens are easily folded up into bins and can be transported in most vehicles. But if you are having a 150-200 person wedding, the space that you need to accommodate dishes can really add up face. Most events this size require a long bed truck or larger SUV to get everything in one trip. The logistics of transporting your rentals can become a bit stressful. Of course, we do offer delivery and pick up options to help with this, but something to think about when deciding on your venue.

Extra Decor:

A venue that has a “backroom” or “decor wall” is a serious bonus. Maplehurst Farm has an amazing wall with dishes, vases, votive holders, and wooden boxes. If you can plan your design around what is already available then you won’t need to worry about getting everything to the venue or packing it up at the end of the  night.

Venue Clean Up:

If your venue offers a clean up service, do it. Even if it costs a bit extra, to know that at the end of the night, you can just leave with you stuff and your deposit will be returned is a great feeling. Also, this allows for an extra hour of your reception as you can dance up until the curfew rather than end an hour earlier to clean up.


These are just a few of the bonuses we feel are extremely beneficial to our design clients. What other add ons are helpful to you as you plan your wedding? We would love to hear.

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