Choosing Your Wedding Colors

How have wedding colors changed over the years?

Gone are the days of picking your one or two wedding colors and everything in the wedding being the exact shade of lavender. When our parents were getting married, one color dominated and dated their wedding design. As a bride today, there are many choices and a ton of flexibility in design. Something that our mothers never really got to enjoy, with the biggest change being families of colors.

Range of Shades in a Color Family

We find that many of our couples are choosing a color or two then sourcing decor and detail items in variations of those colors. For example, if purple is one of your colors, your bridesmaids may wear eggplant. Meanwhile your specialty tables have lavender accents. When planning your design consider using different shades of one color. It is a good idea to have a few pieces that have lots of variations in them. Your wedding bouquet could have an entire range of purples in the flowers or your menu cards may have different colors of ink to tie it all in.

Take Action!

As you start your planning process, the best place to gain color inspiration is your local hardware store. Head on over to the paint section and select a few swatches in your chosen colors. If you are in the beginning stages of planning, grab more than you think you will utilize.  This will help you visualize what you options are as you continue to meet and plan with other professionals.

We can help

If you need help determining your color families or need to source rentals and decor to support your design, please reach out. We are here to help you and would be honored to connect and assist you as you continue to plan. Contact us today for a design consultation!

Photographer: Jeff + Rebecca Photography 

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