Why I wish I had purchased Tieks for my Wedding Day Shoes

Last week I had some extra time and energy (that doesn’t happen very often these days) and I decided it was time to purge my shoe collection. And you may know I had a ton of shoes. I proceeded to gather my shoes from all around the house and pile them up. My goal was to downsize to only twenty pair of shoes. Now I know some of you reading this are thinking, “Twenty pairs, that is so many shoes, I have 6 pairs,” while others are thinking, “Wait twenty, why don’t you add a zero on that number?” Whatever side you are on, I settled on twenty being the perfect number.

So there I had a huge, and I mean huge, pile of shoes that I needed to sort through. Now there were the ones I wear each week that were no brainers, must keep. There were also a few that I had no idea were in there (hello high school shoes!).

Then it happened. I came across that one pair of shoes that I hadn’t been able to let myself get rid of, my wedding shoes. I am going to date myself right now by telling you what blue heels I walked down the aisle wearing. Yes, they were Steven Madden shoes. And not the really cute ones you see today, but ones from the early 2000’s.

I remember walking down the aisle on my wedding day, with those suckers pinching my feet like nobody’s business. I can say, that they have not been worn since that day, but I have always kept them. You see I had sold my wedding dress right after our wedding (for the same price that I paid for it at a sample sale). The shoes were the one thing that I said I would always keep, and so I have.

Life has gone on, almost nine years later, two rambunctious boys and how now I find myself sitting in my master bedroom, holding this crazy uncomfortable, and frankly, ugly shoes. Why had I not gotten rid of them sooner? As I am tossing them into the donate pile (maybe someone else will find joy in them…..) I look over at my black Tiek flats. Light bulb moment, y’all. My inner voice was screaming at me, “Girlfriend, you should have just splurged and purchased blue Tieks for your wedding day.”

Now in my defence, I’m not so sure that Tieks were even around at that point but that is neither here nor there. The whole point of this rampling story is that Tieks are the best shoes ever and you are getting married, girlfriend. This only happens once! Splurge on yourself and get you a pair of super comfortable and quality shoes like Tieks.

Currently I own a pair of the black Tieks and they are my go to shoes! I can’t wait to get my next pair (pretty sure that Santa will be bringing me those suckers this year!) So friend, today I just wanted to let you know that if you purchase some crazy pair of heels for your wedding that you “think” you will wear again someday, you won’t. Just go for comfort and purge on that great pair of Tieks (or insert your favorite, quality pair of shoes here) and walk down that aisle in style and comfort. Life is too short to spend money on junk shoes for the most important day of your life. Go get them sister!

P.S. If you are wondering how many shoes I ended retaining in my collection, I am proud to say that I now own….. 33 pairs! I tried. I really, really tried. I promise! 😉

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