Don’t Forget the Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are one of the reception pieces that is often overlooked. They are often forgotten about completely and added on to the rental contract at the last minute and the design is usually not much more than a tablecloth.  I am here to tell you that not only do you need cocktail tables, but they can be a beautiful addition to your complete wedding design.

Why You Need Cocktail Tables

Some people view cocktail tables as optional, but we think they are a must. Here in Washington most of our clients get married and have their reception at the same location. So, as soon as guests start arriving they are wandering around, setting down their drinks (water bottles, cups, etc.) and if you do not have cocktail tables around for them to do that they will set things on the ground or worse, make their way into the reception space to set things on your beautifully decorated guest tables.

After the ceremony cocktail tables provide a nice place for people to gather and delays them charging into the reception to find a seat. Most of our couples want a cocktail hour and envision guests enjoying their reception space outdoors or in a separate room from the main reception. So, without cocktail tables you are asking for a stampede into the reception to find a chair. Once guests are sitting at their table any length of time where you might be off taking pictures or signing your marriage license feels REALLY long and people can start to lose excitement.

Bellingham Wedding Reception at Lairmont Manor

Photo Credit: Michele Waite Photography


How to Design a Beautiful Cocktail Table

Cocktail tables can range from the simply designed to over the top. We like to use these tables to set the tone for what they can expect at the reception. We recommend a pop of color with a tablecloth or tie the leg with a sash to pull in the white cloth. A low flower arrangement and/or candles is all you need to wow your guests.

To see some of our favorite cocktail table designs pop over to our Pinterest board all about cocktail tables.


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