How Drapery Transforms a Space

One of our favorite offerings here at Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals is our drapery. For those unfamiliar, it is a simple sheet of light fabric that comes in a variety of lengths and can be used in ceiling installations, on pipe to create faux walls and in a variety of other decorative ways.

One of our favorite things about drapery is that it adds a little something extra to any space. A rustic barn is beautiful, but how much prettier is it to have soft ivory drape billowing in the breeze? A flower covered arbor with chiffon draped elegantly is a perfect backdrop for any ceremony. The ways you can use drapery are endless, but there are two main ways that we see it used time and time again.

Add Ambiance

One of the most awe-inspiring ways that drapery is used is to bring a high ceiling down or make a large room smaller. We often drape entire ceilings and create rooms of drapery. This is perfect when you have a large space to work with that is not necessarily very wedding-ish. With professionally installed drapery you can transform a cavernous space into an intimate and romantic wedding space.


Hide What you Don’t Like

Even the most perfect venue is going to have things that you don’t love. Maybe it is a lighted exit sign or a wall covered in electrical outlets. Some of our favorite barn venues have large garage doors that can be opened to let in the light, but the gear to work those doors is not very pretty. A venue space is just that a large space. It is a blank slate and there are bound to be things here and there that do not fit into your design, drapery is the perfect way to cover what you don’t like while softening the space with beautiful sheets of romantic and flowing drape.

Sometimes drapery just adds a little extra pizzazz to the wedding design. A strategically placed drape over the head table brings focus to the newlyweds. A pipe and drape wall behind the cake table makes for beautiful pictures. There are so many ways that you can add drapery to your wedding design, for more ideas visit our Pinterest board Wedding Drapery (link here)

Lydia Place Gala Drapery

White Sheer Drapery – 80ft x 60ft

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