Deluxe Level Service – Professional Installation of Your Design

You’ve narrowed down your design and mocked it up at your venue. You feel confident that what you have chosen will look amazing on your wedding day.

Now your wedding is just around the corner, and that little voice in your head is wondering if it is going to be set up exactly the way you envisioned it.

The reality is that many of your family and friends have good intentions in helping you set up (and break down) but lack the experience in pulling it all together.

This is where our Deluxe Level Service can help.

What is the Deluxe Level Service?

Unlike most rental companies, we offer a high touch, professional installation service for the peace of mind for our couples.

We will:

  • Pack up and deliver all of your requested rentals to your venue on your wedding day.
  • Set up and place our rentals on your preset tables.
  • Professionally install your selected drapery and backdrops.
  • Come back at the end of the night to break down and pack out your selected rental items
  • Provide a peace of mind that your wedding day design is set up beautifully and your rentals are accounted for at the end of the night.

Who does the Deluxe Level Service Option Best Fit?

Couples who would benefit the most from this service fall into one of two categories; those who do not have a wedding planner and those who want to ensure their friends and family are guests at their wedding.

First, if you have already secured a wedding planner, way to go. A good wedding planner can make all the difference to how stress free and smoothly your wedding day will run. Many wedding planners include the set up of your wedding design as part of their service. It is best to check with them and verify that they have the capacity to do so for your event. If you already have a wedding planner, then the deluxe level service option may not be the best fit for you.

If a wedding planner isn’t part of your wedding professional team, then the deluxe level service may be a great option for you.

Additionally, if you have friends and family that are already doing so much for you, the best gift you can give them is the chance to truly be a guest at your wedding and enjoy witnessing you pledge your life together and celebrate.

Let’s be real here. Your mom/aunt/best friend has been by your side thru all of the planning. They too have put in lots of hours strategizing and discussing “all the things” with you. Give them the gift of relaxing and enjoying the time with you on that special day.

Want to learn more?

Are you interested in utilizing this service offering? Are you curious what the investment for your event might be?

Click here and fill out our short form. We will reach out shortly to discuss how we can best support you.

As always, Happy Wedding Planning!

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