Questions To Ask Your Rental Company

6 Questions to Ask Your Rental Company

When looking for your wedding rentals not all companies provide the same items and the same services. Make sure to do your research and ask these six important questions to determine if they will meet your needs and tap into their expertise for your best wedding day.

What Products Do You Offer?

Before you start visiting show rooms do some research about what products are offered by each rental company. Some companies have everything while others specialize in particular product lines and pieces.

Do You Provide Design Services?

Some rental companies are just huge warehouses filled with gorgeous pieces, but it is up to you to pull a look together. If you need help coming up with a design choose a rental company that offers in house design services. This means you would meet with a designer and they would help you put a design together based on the products they offer. This service is especially valuable if you do not have a wedding planner or designer.

Are their extra fees for delivery, set-up and break down?

Get really clear on what is included in terms of delivery, set up and tear down and what is an additional fee. Additional fees are common and you want to make sure you count for them in your budget.

Do you have any recommendations for layout at my venue?

A well-established rental company will most likely have worked at your venue, tap into their expertise about what they have seen work and not work for past clients. Floor plans and layouts are a part of their day to day work while you may not really know what works best.

Can you suggest a weather back-up plan?

This is another area where the expertise of what the rental company has seen work in the past can work in your favor. They will know what works best at your venue and likely what vendors you will need to pull off the back-up plan.

Do you have anything new or different you would suggest?

Rental companies always see the new catalogs and trends before they hit the mainstream. If you want something special or unique ask what they have seen and if they can get it for you!

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